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Chasing Light. Alright, so picture this – it’s winter, and darkness decides to throw a massive party that lasts from late November to January. I found myself in this extreme polar night situation on a tiny island off Greenland’s west coast a while back. Let me take you through the experience. Invitation to Darkness: Greenland’s Winter Wonderland So, I get this email inviting me to work in an artist’s “refuge” at the world’s most northerly island museum. Cool, right? Now, I had a choice – summer vibes or winter darkness. I chose the latter, and let me tell you, it was a journey. The inhabitants of the Upernavik archipelago have zero sunlight during this polar night madness. But you know what? Embracing the darkness brought out a whole new perspective. The starry constellations, the changing moon, and the glow from a neighbor’s lamp became my companions. It was like a…

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